In order to maximize the value of your storage investment, you need to know how to best organize your personal storage unit. If you just throw everything in the space willy nilly, then you won’t have nearly as much room as you would otherwise — and you could even run out of space. In today’s blog from 1st Choice Storage in Gautier, we discuss some helpful tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your storage unit through good organization.

Labels, labels, labels

One of the most annoying things possible is when the boxes in your storage unit aren’t labeled. This can make it nearly impossible to quickly get into personal storage, find the item you need, and get out. You might spend an hour or two looking through every box searching for the specific item you need. You can save yourself a great deal of time by just using a permanent marker to write right on the box, or on a dedicated sticky label. This makes it so you can walk in, find what you need, and walk out in no time flat.

Strategic boxing

There are a couple of clever and creative things you can do with the boxes in your personal storage. For instance, pack everything you can into similar if not the same size box. This makes it easier to stack and fit boxes neatly into your square storage unit. Additionally, larger boxes with lots of stuff in them are great, but they are often difficult to pull out and sometimes even hard to find what you need in the box once you get it open.

Another pro tip you should implement is placing heavy boxes on the bottom. Whenever anything needs stacking, it’s always a good idea to put the heaviest items on the bottom so that you will not crush the boxes or items below. Whether it be your grocery cart or your storage unit, always have the heaviest items on the bottom.

Take inventory

Before you pack everything away into personal storage, or even while you are in the middle of packing everything, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your storage area. This means breaking out the old pen and paper, laptop, smartphone, stone and chisel, or anything you can take notes on. Then, carefully write down each and every item that is being stored in the personal storage unit. This saves you a headache later on down the road when you are asking yourself, “Is that in storage?” Also, once you are done packing up your storage unit, you can check the list and see if there are any items you forgot to place in storage.

If you are really serious about your organization, you can even write on your list exactly where they are in the storage unit. That way you or anyone else who needs something from personal storage can quickly and easily find exactly what is needed.

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