It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how clean you are; eventually, clutter will find you. Even the tidiest of us find themselves dealing with clutter that seems to have sprung up magically. That means from time to time you are going to have to decide how to get your home back to its former glory. At 1st Choice Storage in Gulfport, we are here to help by discussing the best way for you to tackle your clutter problem.


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Sell, donate, or throw away

By far, the most effective way to declutter your home is to remove the items from your home that are no longer useful to you. Go through your belongings and think about the last time you used it, how often you use it, and whether it is worth taking up the given amount of space. If you barely use it, rarely use it, or the space it would free up is more valuable to you than the item itself, it’s probably time to remove it from your home. Once you have what belongings to get rid of, you can choose to sell, donate, or throw it away.



Selling unwanted belongings is a win-win because you make a little cash, and get to free up invaluable space in your home. Selling your items can take some time and effort, so make sure the item you are selling is worth the money you could get for it. As a rule of thumb, if what you want to sell is worth less than $25, it probably isn’t worth taking the time.


If you are unsure where to start, check out Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, or any of the other great avenues you can use to help sell your stuff online. If your not about that lifestyle, you can always have a garage or yard sale.



Donating is a great option that helps you support your community, and clean out your home at the same time. Donate your items that are still in good, working condition that you think someone else might enjoy more. Something that means very little to you may mean the world to someone else, so donating to your local charity is always a good thing. As an added bonus, donating is usually fast an easy!


Throwing away

Throwing your unwanted items away should only be used as a last resort. It might be easier than selling your items, but if it is still in good working condition, there is no reason not to donate it. Wouldn’t you rather you old belongings find a new loving home than a lifetime in a landfill?


1st Choice Storage in Gulfport Personal Storage

When you have items that are taking up unnecessary space in your home, but you can’t bring yourself to get rid of for whatever reason, personal storage is always a good option. Many personal storage facilities offer you 24-hour access to your belongings so you can still get to them whenever you need to, but they aren’t cluttering up your house.


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