Whether you are kickstarting your career by going to college or preparing to start enjoying your retirement, Miami has a lot to offer everyone. Though college students and retirees may seem very different, they do have one thing in common: their homes and dorms always start to become cluttered over time. College students seem to acquire all manner of things with no rhyme or reason to it, while retirement age adults have furniture, mementos, and other nick-nacks that have shown up over the years. Regardless of how you managed to gain all your treasures throughout the years, they can create a cluttered feeling in your home. Don’t worry, though. In our blog at  1st Choice Storage in Miami, we are going to talk about the best ways you can declutter your home with selling, donating, and personal storage.


If you are lucky, some of the clutter that has magically made its way into your living space is worth some good money. While you probably won’t stumble across a million-dollar baseball card collection, things like old furniture that’s in the way, toys of children who have since grown up, and unused appliances can all fetch a pretty penny. If you see something in your house that you and nobody else seems to use very often, ask yourself if you would rather have the cash than the clutter. Cash takes up much less space, unless you’re Scrooge McDuck and keep it in the bathtub.


When you’re ready to sell some of your clutter away and don’t know where to start, some mediums that help you sell your extras include:


  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • LetGo
  • OfferUp
  • Poshmark


There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of other ways you can get eyes on your unwanted items and get cash for them. So, you have no excuse for keeping that KitchenAid you used once, or the giant bean bag chair no one ever sits on.



When deciding what items are prime candidates for donation, the process looks very similar to deciding what clutter is going to be sold. The only difference is when you’ve decided what is unused and taking up space in the home, instead of taking time and effort to market and sell your items, you give them to a charity that will help find your gently used items a good home. Donating is often a quicker option than selling, and instead of getting cash for your items you get the satisfaction of knowing that your unused items will be appreciated by someone who needs them more.


Personal Storage

At 1st Choice Storage in Miami, we know that there are items around your home that are taking up space but you just can’t bear to sell or donate. These items are perfect candidates for going into a personal storage locker or unit. This is a great option because your home looks clean and de-cluttered, but you can still access the items you put in personal storage whenever you’d like.


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