Over time, every home starts to get more and more cluttered and disorganized. That’s why spring cleaning became a thing all those years ago. When it comes time to organize and clean out your home, it can be tough to know where to start. At 1st Choice Storage in Fairview, AL, we know a thing or two about keeping spaces organized and clean. In our blog today we talk about a few tips and tricks for keeping your home tidy and organized.


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1. Placing value

As we mentioned above, any household, given enough time, will seem to magically accrue a collection. Some of the things you gather over long periods of time are invaluable and incredibly useful, while others might not be. The key to regaining an organized and harmonious household is to identify what items are priceless and what items you could live without. Things that you have not used or worn in the last few months are a great place to start.


A few good examples of items you might want to consider getting rid of are:


  • Furniture that isn’t used or decorative
  • Outdated technology items like:

    • MP3 players
    • Walkmen (both cassette and CD)
    • VHS players
    • Dated computers/phones
  • Children’s toys and clothing if your children are all grown up
  • Old appliances that aren’t being used anymore and are taking up space
  • Clothing that has not been worn recently


The above items are prime examples of common items people have around their home that are taking up space. When organizing and cleaning out your home, look for things like these and decide whether or not they hold enough value to keep around or not.


2. Donating or selling

Once you have assigned value to the things around your home, it’s time to get rid of the things of little value that are taking up space. There are a few options you have for discarding unwanted items. One popular option is to sell the items that have enough value to make it worth your while. There are tons of apps and websites in the world that help you get money for your unwanted items like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, Poshmark, and many more.


Some people are uncomfortable meeting up with people or dealing with shipping involved with selling your things. If you aren’t wanting to take the time to get money for your unwanted belongings, you always have the option to donate them to a local charity. Donating your things is a great way to help families in need and make sure your items get a new home where they will be used and loved.


3. Using 1st Choice Storage in Fairview, AL

There is always some gray area when organizing your home and placing value on your belongings. There are a few unique items that are special to you or that you know you will be using in the near future. That’s why at 1st Choice Storage in Fairview, AL, we offer fair and flexible short-term storage and long-term storage. With these personal storage options, you are able to keep your house tidy and organized, while still having room to keep the items you cherish most but don’t need to keep in your home. Reach out to us today for a free personal storage quote.