Personal storage may seem easy enough — until you’re trying to fit a couch, 10 boxes, and some water skis into a storage unit the size of a closet.

Personal storage may even seem productive — until it’s Dec. 22 and you can’t find the menorah and waste time away from your family driving to your personal storage to look for it.

The simple solution to these problems? Plan everything ahead of time! When you first start looking for personal storage in Baytown, have a gameplan in mind. Don’t worry if you don’t have your plan already, though: 1st Choice Storage in Baytown is here to help. Check out our blog post today for storage tips so you’re not clambering over boxes looking for holiday decor at the last-minute this year.

Security Measures Matter

Sure, you may not be storing your time machine or the crown jewels in your personal storage, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want security. Find a level of security you’re comfortable with, whether that means video cameras, locks, keyless entries, security gates, or any other security measure.

Tip: Ask about security measures in place when getting quotes from storage unit facilities.

Labeling Is Essential

Want to avoid getting lost in your storage unit while looking for Christmas decorations this year? Label everything! Storage options are only as useful as you make them — and if you don’t label everything clearly, then you could waste a lot of time and energy looking for items that could be easy to find.

Making A List Is Helpful

We suggest making a list for two reasons:

  • A list will ensure you find the right sized storage option for your needs. Our storage guide says exactly how much each personal storage unit will hold.
  • A list is also important when you’re looking for your items and you can’t remember if you stored them in the storage unit, your shed, or your garage.

Packing Strategically Is Non-Negotiable

Labeling boxes and making a list aren’t the only storage tips we recommend for organization. You should also pack strategically, meaning heavy, large items on the bottom; items you’ll need often in the back; and items you’ll need access to in the front. We also recommend grouping similar items together — such as holiday decor in one spot and out-of-season clothing together in another.

Not Everything Is OK For Storage

There are a few items you should always keep out of your personal storage:

  • Money – A bank is a much more reliable, safer place to store your money. You might even earn some interest in the process!
  • Hazardous items – This seems obvious, right? But this includes things like car batteries, weed killers, and charcoal that you may not immediately think of.
  • Food – Again — seems obvious, right? However, even pet food and other non-perishables could still attract insects and rodents to your personal storage, even in secure facilities.

Find Personal Storage In Baytown

1st Choice Storage in Baytown should, simply put, be your first choice for personal storage! Contact us today for a free quote.