There are many reasons you may need personal storage: perhaps you’re moving, going on a study abroad, traveling home for the summer, or are simply decluttering your home in Mont Belvieu. Whatever the reason and no matter whether you need short-term storage, long-term storage, personal storage for a few large items (like RVs and boats) or even just for boxes of Christmas decorations, 1st Choice Storage is here for you.

Here in Mont Belvieu, we offer a variety of storage options for you to choose from — and our blog is full of helpful storage tips! In today’s blog, we’re going to give a brief overview of things you should know when choosing a storage option and packing up your belongings into your affordable storage unit! Keep reading to learn more and visit 1st Choice Storage today in Mont Belvieu to get started.

Don’t Store Money, Hazardous Items, Or Food

Most people think about what they will put in personal storage and don’t devote much time to thinking about what they shouldn’t put in personal storage. As a result, their rainy day fund, weed killers and car batteries, and leftover dog food end up in their new storage unit facility. This could be dangerous and risky not only to your household storage, but also to the storage unit facility and other people’s belongings.

Label Your Boxes

Let’s paint a picture for you: it’s the day after Thanksgiving, you’re hungover on turkey, and you’re digging through your personal storage looking for your Christmas decorations. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you had taken all of two seconds to label the box before you placed it in short-term storage? We recommend labeling everything so you can easily simplify your life and find self-storage solutions that work for you.

Pack Your Personal Storage Unit Strategically

In the same vein of making your self-storage solutions truly work for you, pack strategically! Heavy items should be at the bottom, obviously, but items you never use or won’t use for another year could easily be placed in the back of your storage unit without worry. Using the same Christmas example, store all of your (labeled) holiday boxes together and in a place that will be convenient for retrieving items since you know you’ll need them come December.

Choose Personal Storage With Security

Finally, it’s wise to choose personal storage with adequate, reliable security. When browsing storage options, be sure to find a storage unit facility with cameras, locks, electronic gate systems, or any other security measures that will help you feel more comfortable leaving items in their safekeeping.

Find Personal Storage In Mont Belvieu Today

Whether you need long-term storage while you’re PCSing to another country, you need short-term storage while waiting to move into your new house, or you need an affordable storage unit to store a few things while you’re on a study abroad, you can count on 1st Choice Storage in Belvieu. Contact us today to get started!