What’s your reason for typing “find personal storage near me,” into your search bar? Perhaps you’re simply decluttering your home; maybe you’re off to explore Europe on a study abroad; maybe you’re PCSing overseas and don’t want to take everything with you.

Whatever it is, 1st Choice Storage Mont Belvieu is here with your self-storage solutions. Our storage unit facility offers affordable storage units with many benefits — and here on our blog, we provide storage tips! Whatever your reasoning for personal storage, we can help. Read below to learn how to choose a storage unit facility, and then contact 1st Choice Storage in Mont Belvieu today to get started with a free quote!

Good Reputation

If your friend told you to avoid a certain storage company at all costs, then we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t trust that storage unit facility with all of your household storage. A company’s online reputation can work the same way. If you are concerned about negative online reviews, check with the company and see how they respond or if certain problems are listed in multiple reviews.

Reasonable Prices

Hopefully, you won’t have to find your dream storage option and then walk away because of a prohibitive price. However, it is important to set a budget so you don’t run into problems down the road or find yourself spending too much every month — especially when you need every cent you can get for gelato in Europe this summer!

Tip: Start looking early! If you postpone looking for personal storage until a week before you leave, then you may not find an affordable storage unit you like — and you could end up storing everything in your friend’s dusty old basement.

Secure Facilities

You should never question the safety of your items in personal storage. You should never feel that your possessions are at risk because of your storage unit facility. To combat this, look at and ask about security measures from the very beginning. This could include everything from video cameras to locks, keyless entries, and gated entries. Find security you’re comfortable with for your personal storage.

Ideal Sizing

It’s hard to know what size you need for all of your possessions! For example, you know what your sofa, coffee table, and entertainment table look like in your living room now — but how will all of that squish down into personal storage? Especially when you throw in additional boxes. When looking at storage unit facilities, they should be able to provide you with an easy breakdown of storage unit sizes.

Tip: Take a personal inventory! Go through all of your items and decide what should be stored — and what should be trashed or given away.

Find Personal Storage In Mont Belvieu

Here in Mont Belvieu, you can count on 1st Choice Storage. Reach out to us today to find out more about our reputation, prices, security, and sizing. We have plenty of storage options that we’re sure you’ll love. Get a free quote for personal storage in Mont Belvieu today!