Whether you’re about to move, you’re heading home from college for the summer, or you’re going to spend some months finding yourself abroad, you probably can’t do it without personal storage.

Sure, you could pack up your belongings and leave them in your friend’s cousin’s dusty old basement — but hauling them there (and out again) will be a pain, and there’s no guarantee for safety or security. In fact, there’s more likely a guarantee that something would happen to your belongings.

Instead, find a storage unit facility you can trust with all of your precious items. In Beaumont, you can trust 1st Choice Storage with all of your personal storage. When browsing storage options, we recommend you look for the following three characteristics:


Do your friends have recommendations? Find out why they do or don’t like specific storage unit facilities in Beaumont and take their thoughts into consideration. You should also check out a storage company’s reputation online to see if they’re reliable and trustworthy. We recommend finding several storage options and looking at the reputations of each.


We’re not saying your camping gear, holiday decorations, and out-of-season clothing has to be in high-security lockdown, but you also want to ensure your items will be protected. When checking out storage unit facilities in Beaumont, check for security cameras, locks, keyless entries, or any other security measures.


You are, of course, looking for an affordable storage unit. Even if you’re willing to spend a little extra for the best security measure or for a climate-controlled storage option, that doesn’t mean you want to waste your money. Find a self-storage solution that matches your budget so you don’t run into complications down the road.

Tips When Evaluating Storage Options

You already know how to pack your short- or long-term storage unit. You know what items not to place in a storage unit facility. Now, you need to know just how to look for an affordable storage unit. We’re here for you with helpful storage tips!

  • Start looking early – If you start looking at the last minute for a storage unit facility, then you may not find a place that works for your personal storage — and you could be stuck in your friend’s cousin’s basement.
  • Evaluate storage option sizes – Personal storage can vary from large furniture and lots of boxes to just a few boxes of clothing, skis, and documents. Look at sizes of storage options.
  • Take a personal inventory – Seriously look at everything you have. What can be thrown out, what can be donated, and what should go to storage?

Find Personal Storage In Beaumont Today

Whether you need long-term storage while you go abroad for a couple years or you need short-term storage to store your holiday decor, out-of-season clothing, and camping gear, 1st Choice Storage has you covered. We have the self-storage solutions you’re looking for, and we offer a free quote to get you started! Work with us today for personal storage in Beaumont.